Network Courses for Foreigners

To meet the demand for Cisco courses for foreigners in Wroclaw, we have launched a series of products for speakers of other languages. 

We start with the network administration course in English (CCNA). After the course you may want to take the CCNA exam and apply for a job as a junior network administrator / 1st line support technician.

We start at 8a.m. and finish when we get tired, but rarely before 6pm. (some breaks included). There are no prerequisites because we will teach you everything you need during our course. We begin with network fundamentals: networks, network cards, IP addressing, importance of DNS, differences between routers and switches, LAN and WLAN etc.

The learning curve is steep and challenging but the course is great fun at the same time. No need to be afraid you won't be able to understand anything - we revise continually to ensure that the everyone is on the same page all the time. 

This is a weekend course (6 weekends, Saturday-Sunday). Please call 512056971 to get detailed information about the date and the venue of the nearest session (there are 3-4 CCNA in ENG sessions a year, in the center of Wroclaw).


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